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How I'm using the tool to discover exciting project ideas


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Ever found yourself pondering what your next cool project should be? It's both thrilling and daunting, right?

That said, I've noticed a trend: many aspiring developers don't know what to build and don't know where to start in finding problems to solve.

In this post, we'll dive into how ChatGPT can be your sidekick in finding a portfolio-worthy project.

First: What do I even want from a project
It challenges me
Solves a real-world problem
It's fun
It's a little off the beaten path

I would even say should align with the kind of development job I would like but I'm not sure what that is just yet.

Inspiration from free APIs

Want to work with large data set, get guided to the right API and see what inspires you.

Chat GTP: Suggest 10 free APIs.

Chat GTP: Suggest 10 free APIs that are underrated

Chat GTP: Suggst 10 free APIs I can work with that relate to Halloween ๐Ÿ‘ป

Chat GTP: Suggest 10 free APIs related to the environment

Chat GTP: Suggest 10 free API's that relate to food

That final food option returned a few API's of interest.

Of the results I picked: Edamam Nutrition Analysis API: This API allows you to analyze the nutritional content of foods, recipes, or individual ingredients.

Chat GTP: who would use Edamam Nutrition Analysis API: This API allows you to analyze the nutritional content of foods, recipes, or individual ingredients.

Of the results I picked: Food bloggers.

Chat GTP: list 10 problems faced by Food Bloggers and Recipe Website owners: Food bloggers and recipe websites can offer their audience detailed nutritional information for the recipes they publish. and how could these problem be solved with Edamam Nutrition Analysis API: This API allows you to analyze the nutritional content of foods, recipes, or individual ingredients.

From the list, I felt I related to one suggestion especially spoke to me which was scaling recipes, I often need to scale down large recipes for two people and do the calculations in my head so this could be useful.

So, that's a blogging platform I could build with that adds real value for a niche blogger.

CAUTION: Be sure to test the feasibility of connecting to the API and what data can be returned.

Solving a real-world problem

Generate a wish list of fixable problems people in real careers face.

Pic a profession or even a hobby. Ask Chat GTP to spit out a list of careers if need be.

Chat GTP: What 10 problems does a Human resource manager face

Of the results I picked: Training and Development: Ensuring that employees have access to training and development opportunities to enhance their skills and careers is a continuous task.

Chat GTP: When considering Training and Development, what 10 complaints do Human Resources Managers have about the software they use.

So many great possibilities came from this, here are just 3.

  1. Inadequate Reporting: Software may lack robust reporting and analytics features, making it challenging to track training progress and assess the effectiveness of programs.

  2. Limited Integration: Difficulty integrating the software with other HR systems, such as HRIS or LMS, can lead to data silos and inefficiencies.

  3. Outdated Content: Stale or outdated training content can result from a lack of content updates, which can reduce the relevance and effectiveness of training programs.

1 - You could challenge your ability to generate charts or a CSV report on data captured in the system.
2 - Learn about how to create an API that connects multiple systems.
3 - Create the kind of training system that HR Managers meet KPI's such as ensuring the employees can.

Of the results I picked: Option 3 creates a training system tool.

Chat GTP: List the features HR Managers look for in training materials software

Chat GTP: List the most common problems HR Managers have with training materials software

Required features included gamification
Problems included a lack of user engagement

So there we have it; the project is a training materials system for HR Managers with a focus on gamification and user engagement over the course of their employment.

For bonus points, reach out to someone in a HR industry forum to ask if they would find it beneficial. Or just ask them to test it when you're done; you're not starting a business here.

Developing your own problems into a project

My dog has allergies, so I'm currently trying to build an allergy tracker to help me spot patterns in his symptoms. I already know I want to look for patterns and see it presented as visual information.

But can chat GTP help make it better? You bet it can.

Chat GTP: list 10 problems people face when tracking their pets allergies

This gave me several more ideas for problems to solve, like Secondary Infections, Seasonal Variability and Stress and Anxiety.

But what features could my project include?

Chat GTP: list useful software features people face when tracking their pet's allergies.

Calendar integration, Photo Uploads, Multi-Pet Support, Vet Communication, Food Ingredient Analysis.

Is this not Absolute Gold!!!

Challenge a weakness

Maybe you have a specific weakness and want to centre a project around that weakness.

Chat GTP can then suggest a brief.

CHAT GTP: I want to practice data handling in PHP, suggest 10 projects

One idea given was a Task Management Application: Develop a task management application where users can add, edit, and delete tasks. Implement features like task categorisation and due dates.

Take it further by following the steps to solve a real-world problem to make a task planner for a specific type of activity. Like a task manager for event planning that acknowledges strengths and weaknesses.

Procrastinate your way to an idea

Jasper is better than chat GTP for this.

What content is pulling your attention and distracting you? This can be an interesting source of inspiration.

The reason I like this ideas is because it taps into what you care about wether that be saving the world from ocean pollution of how to cheat your way into living in a sims 4 mega mansion. ๐Ÿ”ท

Results can be interesting.

Chat GTP: Suggest a piece of software I could make as a beginner web developer that would solve the problem presented in this article [insert link]'

Producing the following ideas:

The article you provided discusses the issue of plastic waste washing up on the shores of Orkney, Scotland, and its impact on the environment. As a beginner web developer, you can create a simple web application that could help address this problem by raising awareness, facilitating communication, and providing information. Here's a project idea:

Project Name: "CleanCoast Orkney"

Objective: Create a website that educates and mobilizes people to clean up plastic waste on the coasts of Orkney. This web application would have the following features:

Information Hub: Provide information about the environmental impact of plastic waste on the Orkney coastlines. Share facts, statistics, and visuals to raise awareness.

Interactive Map: Create an interactive map that shows the coastline areas in Orkney affected by plastic waste. Users can zoom in and explore different regions.

Reporting Tool: Implement a reporting feature that allows users to report specific locations where plastic waste is found. Users can upload pictures, descriptions, and GPS coordinates.

Clean-Up Events: Share information about upcoming clean-up events and allow users to sign up to participate or organize their own events. Include a calendar or event schedule.

Resource Section: Provide resources, guidelines, and tips for organizing and participating in clean-up efforts. This can include safety instructions and a list of recommended tools and equipment.

Community Forum: Create a community forum or message board where people can discuss plastic waste issues, share experiences, and exchange ideas for solutions.

Donate and Support: Enable a donation feature to support clean-up efforts and fund educational programs on plastic waste reduction.

Social Sharing: Include social sharing buttons to encourage users to share the website's content and events on their social media platforms.

Newsletter Signup: Allow users to subscribe to a newsletter for updates on clean-up efforts, news, and events.

Volunteer Portal: Set up a volunteer registration and management system to keep track of volunteers and their contributions.

For this project, you can use web development technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a backend framework like Node.js, Django, or Ruby on Rails to create the interactive features. Additionally, you might use mapping APIs (e.g., Google Maps API) for the interactive map feature and a database to store user reports and event information.

This project not only raises awareness of the plastic waste problem in Orkney but also empowers individuals to take action and engage with the local community to make a positive impact on the environment. It's a practical and meaningful project for a beginner web developer.


Hopefully, if you're stuck, I've given you a few ideas on how to go about brainstorming with Chat GTP. Coming up with a project idea to build is a lot harder than you would expect and seems to bring about brain freeze in many otherwise brilliant aspiring devs.

What about you?

Do you find Chat GTP useful in generating ideas for project features?