Interactive SQL Learning: 8 Platforms to Sharpen Your Skills

Interactive SQL Learning: 8 Platforms to Sharpen Your Skills

When looking to practice SQL, having access to online databases can be immensely beneficial.

These platforms offer a variety of datasets and interactive environments, allowing users to hone their SQL skills in a real-world context without the need to set up a database locally.

That's not to say that setting up a database locally is not good practice in itself, the real challenge is finding a dataset complex enough to mimic a real-world project that you might experience in the workplace.

Here are some popular online databases that you can use to practice SQL:

  1. SQLZoo:

    Practice with SQLZoo

    SQLZoo provides a series of interactive SQL tutorials with exercises ranging from basic to advanced levels. It offers a hands-on learning experience where users can write SQL queries directly in the browser and execute them against real databases. SQLZoo covers a wide range of topics, including SELECT statements, JOINs, subqueries, and more.

  2. W3Schools SQL Practice:
    Practice with w3Schools

    W3Schools offers an interactive SQL editor where users can write SQL queries and test them against sample databases. It provides a comprehensive set of SQL exercises covering various aspects of SQL, including data manipulation, aggregation, and filtering. W3Schools also offers explanations and examples for each exercise, making it an excellent resource for beginners.

  3. Hackerrank:

    Practice with Hackerrank

    Hackerrank features a SQL domain with a vast collection of SQL challenges and competitions. Users can solve SQL problems, ranging from simple queries to complex database schema design tasks. Hackerrank offers a gamified learning experience where users can earn points and compete with others while mastering SQL concepts.

  4. LeetCode:

    Practie with Leetcode

    LeetCode, known for its coding challenges, also offers a SQL section with a wide range of SQL problems. Users can solve SQL puzzles, practice data manipulation, and optimize queries for performance. LeetCode provides detailed problem descriptions, test cases, and discussion forums where users can learn from others' solutions.

  5. Mode Analytics:

    Practice with Mode Analytics

    Mode Analytics offers a SQL tutorial and interactive SQL editor for data analysis and visualization. Users can explore sample datasets, write SQL queries, and create visualizations to analyze data directly in the browser. Mode Analytics also provides collaborative features, allowing users to share queries and insights with others.

  6. Kaggle:

    Practice with Kaggle

    Kaggle hosts datasets and competitions for data science and machine learning enthusiasts. While primarily known for its machine learning challenges, Kaggle also offers datasets that users can explore and analyze using SQL. Users can write SQL queries to extract insights from the datasets and participate in SQL-based competitions.

  7. BigQuery Public Datasets:
    Practice with Google BigQuery

    Google BigQuery provides access to a vast collection of public datasets covering various domains, including finance, healthcare, and government. Users can run SQL queries against these datasets using the BigQuery web console or APIs. BigQuery's public datasets offer real-world data for practicing SQL and conducting data analysis tasks.

  8. SQLite Online:

    Practice with SQLite Online

    SQLite Online is a web-based SQLite database browser where users can create, query, and manage SQLite databases directly in the browser. It offers a simple and intuitive interface for practicing SQL without the need for any setup or installation. Users can import their datasets or use sample databases provided by the platform.

When practicing SQL skills, whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced developer sharpening your query optimisation techniques. By using these platforms, you can gain some hands-on experience with SQL.