Thinking like a developer

So what does it take?

Some good advice I keep hearing.

Break down problems into smaller problems

When approaching a project or a problem take an MVC approach

To approach problems iteratively, not thinking of everything at once.
Focus on Building the project structure.
And only then, Focus on Styling the page.
And only then Focus on Connecting to the relevant data I need from an external API.

Get used to the lingo

Instead of thinking I need to write the word function, with a space then the word public, then index then a pair of parenthesis - wait was there a space?

Get used to thinking I need to create a public method named index that expects no parameters.

A mentor or learning resource can be highly beneficial here.

A granular approach to asking me to complete an outcome without being too granular.

Accepting computers speak logic

My code is translated through multiple steps which is why an errant ',' can bring the whole thing down. I don't need to understand the underlying why these steps work; that's why I've chosen battle-tested languages, frameworks and tools. This is difficult because I want to know why I'm interested in development, but there comes a point where it's a hindrance.

Also asking why is the reason I even discovered web development.

So curiosity is an asset but there is a time and a place for it.

Knowing everything isn't the goal

I don't need to know every facet of every language I'm trying to learn but I do need to be putting foundational concepts into practice in real projects.
Solving the problem is the goal not knowing snippets that might help me solve every conceivable problem.